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Nicola J Fox
Clinical Hypnotherapist (REG.) and NLP Practitioner.

Tel: 020 8923 6003

Mob: 07817 147 402


What is hypnosis?

"we become what we think all day long"

The hynotherapist, with their expertise and utilisation of their voice, communicates with the client’s unconscious mind – whilst the client is enjoying their relaxing trance experience. The unconscious mind is the powerful control panel in all of us, holding within it our habits, beliefs, learning behaviours etc.

Therefore hypnosis is the technique used to communicate with different parts of the mind. Hypnotherapy is a connection of two words – hypnosis and therapy – the therapy aspect being of equal importance. The aim of a qualified therapist is to ensure the client feels comfortable and at ease, offering professional assistance and guidance, working with the client to reach their desired outcome as effortlessly and quickly as possible. The client is actively involved throughout.

What is trance?

Trance is a very natural occurrence happening to each of us daily. It is the relaxed state experienced just before going to sleep or becoming fully awake in the morning. It is also likened to meditation or day dreaming.

Some of your questions answered:

Q What if I can’t experience trance?

A Almost everyone can experience this natural occurrence to a degree suitable for them.

Q Do I lose control?

A Not at all. You are in total control at all times. If you feel uncomfortable at any time you would automatically break trance.

Q Are there any side effects?

A Unlike some drugs or tranquillisers, hypnotherapy has no unpleasant side effects.

Q Will I give away my secrets?

A Definitely not. There is nothing in hypnotherapy to make you say or do anything you do not wish to.